ECOBIO’s vision is to shape a sustainable future with our pioneering biotechnological solutions. We are committed to transforming global agricultural practice, enhancing soil vitality, and optimizing plant productivity. By placing sustainable and organic farming at the core of agriculture’s future, we aim to actively contribute to environmental preservation and safeguard natural resources for future generations. We aim to build a greener, more efficient future in the agricultural sector by leveraging the synergy of science and nature, thereby contributing to global sustainability.


Since 2015, ECOBIO has made significant progress and growth through our intensive field activities and dedicated efforts. We contribute innovative bacterial fertilizers to the agricultural sector by utilizing bacteria isolated from various regions of Anatolia, in collaboration with leading laboratories worldwide.


By determining the most suitable dosages according to plant type, soil characteristics, and climatic conditions, we ensure the utmost effectiveness of each agricultural application. Furthermore, we are committed to providing necessary educational support to farmers, enabling them to use our bacterial fertilizers in the most efficient way.